The JOJO Coffeehouse Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant

What is JOJO Coffeehouse?

Take a look inside JOJO Coffeehouse and see what makes this breakfast & brunch restaurant a true one of a kind must see restaurant. 

JOJO Coffeehouse Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale Arizona

Community Focused Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant


JOJO is a community-focused Breakfast & Brunch restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale that serves craft products to everyone within our community through feel-good farm fresh food and drinks. We are thoughtful about using natural and organic ingredients without GMOs and preservatives wherever possible. 


The Original JOJO


The original JOJO Coffee is a proprietary blend featuring a combination of a deeply chocolate forward bean from Brazil along with a wild berry full natural bean. We ensure there is a perfect medium roast of these beans, which creates a balance of these qualities along with other subtle flavors developed by the roasting environment. So in other words, it’s good, and your taste buds will like you for being good to them.  JOJO Coffee is available for retail purchase at our restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale. For a quick pick-up, please be sure to order online.  


JOJO was founded by Mike Melton with the mission of connecting our community through coffee, food, & self-expression.

My dream is to create a platform that connects all people and encourages the creative spirit and ingenuity of the people within our community. We support each person’s individual passions, dreams, and goals. We are very intentional about creating this culture by facilitating group events that bring people together, and inviting local artists and musicians to perform on a regular basis.  Life is about our relationships and the love we show to one another, and it is important for us to let everyone know they are welcome in our home at JOJO.